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Report me for Benefit Fraud.jpgReport me for Benefit Fraud.jpg

Bum leg on this caterpillar.jpgBum leg on this caterpillar.jpg

Bum leg on this caterpillar, machine embroidered felt, 8 x 8cm, 2018

Report me for benefit fraud, machine embroidered felt, 7 x 7cm, 2019


Union for the Useless Pop Up (DETAIL) 2018


Bum Leg On This Caterpillar.jpgBum Leg On This Caterpillar.jpg

Little good to ourselves, Digital print and Embroidery on Canvas, 240 x 147cm, 2017

Request you pack today.jpgRequest you pack today.jpg

Resources for afterwards, digital sample from a mock graphics pack, 2020


From Rabbits, rabbit skin glue, watercolour, chalk, wood 12.5 x 16.5 cm, 2020

Party Hat.jpgParty Hat.jpg

I made you a Hat FROM A PARTY FOR RABBITS, rabbit skin glue, chalk, Silk thread 7 x 6 cm, 2021


the rabbit! part 1, 1/3 From The Heckling transcript says:, 3 gifs, 2021

Bird's Nest Leaning Monitor 2000px.jpgBird's Nest Leaning Monitor 2000px.jpg

Bird’s Nest Street, 60 second three channel video for continuous looping, 2018